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Insight Guide to Oman & the UAE is a pictorial travel guide in a magazine style providing answers to the key questions before or during your trip: deciding when to go to Norway, choosing what to see, from exploring Old Dubai to discovering Sharjah or creating a travel plan to cover key places like the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque, Burj al Arab. This is an ideal travel guide for travellers seeking inspiration, in-depth cultural and historical information about Oman & the UAE as well as a great selection of places to see during your trip.

The Insight Guide Oman & the UAE covers: (Oman) Muscat; Sohar and the Batinah Coast; Nizwa and the Interior; Sur, the East and the Wahibah Desert; Dhofar; The Musandam Peninsula; (The UAE) Abu Dhabi; Dubai; Sharjah; The Northern Emirates; Fujairah and the East Coast.

In this travel guide you will find:


Created to explore the culture and the history of Oman & the UAE to get a greater understanding of its modern-day life, people and politics.


The top attractions and Editor’s Choice highlighting the most special places to visit around Oman & the UAE.


Geographically organised text cross-referenced against full-colour, high quality travel maps for quick orientation in Abu Dhabi, Dhofar and many more locations in Oman & the UAE.


Every part of Oman & the UAE, from Old Muscat to Fujairah has its own colour assigned for easy navigation.


Up-to-date historical timeline and in-depth cultural background to Oman & the UAE as well as an introduction to Oman & the UAE’s Food and Drink and fun destination-specific features.


A-Z of useful advice on everything from when to go to Oman & the UAE, how to get there and how to get around, as well as Oman & the UAE‘s climate, advice on tipping, etiquette and more.


Features inspirational colour photography, including the stunning Mutrah Souk and the spectacular Jabrin FortHighlan.

This title is a part of Insight Guides Main Series

Inspirational, lavishly-illustrated travel guides to countries and regions that provide all you need for every step of your journey. With in-depth features on culture and history and stunning colour photography throughout, they are perfect for inspiration as well as a souvenir of your trip, while detailed places chapters and travel tips make it ideal for trip planning

  • The destination’s top ten attractions and editors’ choice of what to see and do at the beginning of each guide

  • Discover all about the destination’s history, landscapes, wildlife, people and culture, from the arts to sports

  • Practical travel information includes when to go, getting there, getting around, entry requirements, food and drink highlights, and everything you need to know on local culture

  • Colour-coded chapters travel around each city or region in a highly-readable descriptive style, featuring fascinating historical information as well as detailed information on points of interest, backed up by handy tips on what to look out for when you’re there

  • Colour-coded detailed maps with key sights marked up by number and corresponding to the places chapters

  • Beautiful, inspirational full-colour photography throughout brings the destination to life and makes the book a memorable souvenir of a trip

  • Printed on paper from responsible sources verified to meet FSC’s strict environmental and social standards

  • Free eBook with each purchased printed guide

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Extent: 248–464 pages

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ISBN: 9781839051920
Series: Insight Guides Main Series
Publication Date: 11/30/2019


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