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Insight Guides Cruising & Cruise Ships 2024 (formerly Berlitz Cruising and Cruise Ships) is the world’s most authoritative and longest-running guide to cruising and cruise ships. Fully updated post-Covid, this iconic, industry-leading bible for millions of cruise-goers and crew members now features larger font for greater readability, and more images, making for a fresher, more user-friendly experience.

In addition, Insight Guides Cruising & Cruise Ships 2024 boasts a new section on the history of cruising, along with the author’s hugely-anticipated evaluations and scores, with 320 ships reviewed and rated. 

It also includes new user-oriented features on the Best of Cruising. From exploring fjords and enjoying icy expeditions, to embarking on wildlife voyages and idyllic Caribbean cruises, ten Ultimate Experiences are showcased.

This is supplemented by a new Author’s Choice section that sees Douglas Ward — the world’s foremost authority on cruising and cruise ships —  share his rundown of Top Ships and the best cruises for all kinds of travellers, from families and romantics, to solo voyagers and cruise-goers with accessibility needs. 

Insight Guides Cruising & Cruise Ships 2024 also comes with a free eBook.


Features of Insight Guides Cruising & Cruise Ships 2024

  • Douglas Ward is the world’s foremost authority on cruising and cruise ships.

  • Over 400 pages of information, with new sections covering cruise history, ultimate cruising experiences, and Author’s Choice recommendations.

  • Features more full-colour images than ever before, and larger font for greater readability.

  • 320 ships reviewed and rated.

  • FREE eBook.



Regarded as the world’s top authority on cruising and cruise ships, Douglas Ward has completed over 6,200 days on ships and riverships on almost 1100 cruises, 158 transatlantic crossings, and countless Panama Canal transits, shipyard visits, ship-naming ceremonies and maiden voyages. Often described as a maritime Sherlock Holmes, Ward’s reviews leave no stone unturned, examining everything from the fluffiness of the towels and the quality of china and silverware, to the welcome aboard and disembarkation process. 



‘No other annual guide charts the growth of the modern cruise industry the way Douglas Ward’s authoritative annual Berlitz Cruising and Cruise Ships has done’ The Business Travel News

‘The author is the most feared critic in the business’ The Times, London

‘Read before cruising’ Daily News, New York

‘The serious cruise traveler’s Bible’

‘Legendary’ USA Today

‘Level of detail and rigorous research are unbelievable’

‘This is the encyclopedia of cruising’ The Times-Picayune, New Orleans

Book Details

ISBN: 9781839053443
Series: Berlitz Cruising Guides
Publication Date: 11/14/2023
Pages: 376
Dimensions: 176x250


This title is a part of Berlitz Cruising Guides

This renowned tome, now in its 27th year of publication, constantly evolves to reflect the ever-changing, and increasingly popular, world of cruising. It is completely independent and accepts no sponsorship. Its hard-hitting reviews are based on personal experience: Douglas Ward, has spent more than 5,500 days at sea, participating in nearly 1,000 cruises. His judgments are frequently trenchant, and it’s not for nothing that The Times called him “the most feared critic in the business.


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