The Rough Guide to Jamaica

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This practical travel guide to Jamaica features detailed factual travel tips and points-of-interest structured lists of all iconic must-see sights as well as some off-the-beaten-track treasures. Our itinerary suggestions and expert author picks of things to see and do will make it a perfect companion both, ahead of your trip and on the ground. This Jamaica guide book is packed full of details on how to get there and around, pre-departure information and top time-saving tips, including a visual list of things not to miss. Our colour-coded maps make Jamaica easier to navigate while you're there. This guide book to Jamaica has been fully updated post-COVID-19 and it comes with a free eBook.

The Rough Guide to JAMAICA covers: Kingston, Ocho Rios, Montego Bay, Negril, The Blue Mountains, Port Royal, Cockpit Country, Port Antonio, Treasure Beach, Portland, Bluefields Bay.

Inside this Jamaica travel guide you'll find:

Experiences selected for every kind of trip to Jamaica, from off-the-beaten-track adventures in Blue Mountains to family activities in child-friendly places, like Montego Bay or chilled-out breaks in popular tourist areas, like Kingston.

Essential pre-departure information including Jamaica entry requirements, getting around, health information, travelling with children, sports and outdoor activities, food and drink, festivals, culture and etiquette, shopping, tips for travellers with disabilities and more.

Includes carefully planned routes covering the best of Jamaica, which give a taste of the richness and diversity of the destination, and have been created for different time frames or types of trip.

Clear structure within each sightseeing chapter of this Jamaica travel guide includes regional highlights, brief history, detailed sights and places ordered geographically, recommended restaurants, hotels, bars, clubs and major shops or entertainment options.

Tips on how to beat the crowds, save time and money and find the best local spots for sampling the local music scene, enjoying laidback beach days and scenic hikes.

Rough Guides' rundown of Kingston, Negril, Portland and St Thomas's best sights and top experiences helps to make the most of each trip to Jamaica, even in a short time.

Written by Rough Guides' expert authors with a trademark blend of humour, honesty and expertise, this Jamaica guide book will help you find the best places, matching different needs.

Comprehensive 'Contexts' chapter of this travel guide to Jamaica features fascinating insights into Jamaica, with coverage of history, religion, ethnic groups, environment, wildlife and books, plus a handy language section and glossary.

Features inspirational colour photography, including the stunning Dunn's River Falls and the spectacular Blue Mountains.

Practical full-colour maps, with clearly numbered, colour-coded keys for quick orientation in Port Royal, Port Antonio and many more locations in Jamaica, reduce the need to go online.

With helpful icons, and organised by neighbourhood to help you pick the best spots to spend your time.

Free eBook download with every purchase of this guide book to Jamaica allows you to access all of the content from your phone or tablet, for on-the-road exploration.

Book Details

ISBN: 9781839057618
Series: Rough Guides Main Series
Publication Date: 5/16/2023
Pages: 312
Dimensions: 129 x 198


This title is a part of Rough Guides Main Series

Practical travel guides series covering countries, cities and regions, with detailed factual travel tips, perfect for independent, long-stay, backpacking and budget-conscious travellers seeking comprehensive travel information and off-the-beaten track experiences

  • Extensive practical travel information including getting there, getting around, climate information, safety tips, accommodation explanations, food & drink advice and shopping essentials 

  • Curated author picks with destination highlights at the beginning of each guide

  • Ready-made itineraries covering every corner of the destination

  • Colour-coded places chapters with detailed coverage of places and sights, presented in a points-of-interest structure 

  • Extensive recommendations for accommodation, restaurants, shops and leisure activities for all budgets

  • Colour-coded detailed maps with marked-up key sights 

  • Insights on history and nature highlights  

  • Easy to use, newspaper-style layout

  • All guides published from January 2021 are printed on paper from responsible sources verified to meet FSC’s strict environmental and social standards

  • Free eBook with each printed guide published from May 2019 

Format: 129 x 198mm

Price: £14.99-£26.99 | $13.99-$34.99

Extent: 616–1208 page


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4.3 out of 5, 3 global ratings

Amazon Customer


Reviewed on December 13, 2022
Paperback | Verified

Great information, just some things were out of date due Covid 2020

Amazon Customer

The book was Irie.

Reviewed on December 22, 2019
Paperback | Verified

Found this very useful for my recent trip to Jamaica. Pictures, recommendations and advise was spot on.

Language patois dictionary at the back was fantastic.

Amazon Customer

A readable and informative guide

Reviewed on September 03, 2018
Paperback | Verified

This 312-page book - the 7th printed edition of August 2018 - is an interesting and readable (the two are not always found together) guide to attractions of the Caribbean island of Jamaica.

Unlike many guides, this is not a glossy booklet dotted with colourful photographs to make it look superficially attractive, but a (literally) rough guide in terms of comparative paper finishes, but well-designed and presented, with readable text, useful maps, and (well-chosen) photographs only where space allows. The excellent design and layout means that you don’t need unnecessary spot illustrations to break up column after column of small-printed data.

The Contents are
P004: Introduction (Where to go, when to go, what to see, itineraries, etc.)
P020: Basics (travel, transport, accommodation, food & drink, shopping, and other “essential” stuff for visitors)

The Guide:
P045: Kingston & around
P085: The Blue Mountains and the east
P125: Ocho Rios and the north coast
P159: Montego Bay and Cockpit Country
P197: Negril and the west
P231: The south

P254: Contexts (articles on history, environment and culture, etc.)
P297: Language (always be polite!)
P304: Index

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