The Rough Guide to Colombia

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This Colombia guidebook is perfect for independent travellers planning a longer trip. It features all of the must-see sights and a wide range of off-the-beaten-track places. It also provides detailed practical information on preparing for a trip and what to do on the ground. And this Colombia travel guidebook is printed on paper from responsible sources, and verified to meet the FSC’s strict environmental and social standards.

This Colombia guidebook covers: Bogotá, North of Bogotá, The Caribbean coast, San Andrés and Providencia, Medellín and the Zona Cafetera, Cali and the southwest, The Pacific coast and Los Llanos, Amazonas.

Inside this Colombia travel book, you’ll find:


  • A wide range of sights – Rough Guides experts have hand-picked places for travellers with different needs and desires: off-the-beaten-track adventures, family activities or chilled-out breaks

  • Itinerary examples – created for different time frames or types of trip

  • Practical information – how to get to Colombia, all about public transport, food and drink, shopping, travelling with children, sports and outdoor activities, tips for travellers with disabilities and more

  • Author picks and things not to miss in Colombia –  Providencia, Museo del Oro, Bogotá, the statues of San Agustín, the colonial churches of Popayán, Parque Nacional Natural Los Nevados, Medellín, Mompox, coffee farms, Amazon jungle excursions, adventure sports in San Gil, trekking to Ciudad Perdida, Villa De Leyva, Parque Nacional Natural Tayrona, Zipaquirá Salt Cathedral, salsa in Cali, whale-watching, Johnny Cay, The Tombs Of Tierradentro, Museo Botero, Bogotá, Cartagena’s Old Town   

  • Insider recommendations – tips on how to beat the crowds, save time and money, and find the best local spots

  • When to go to Colombia – high season, low season, climate information and festivals 

  • Where to go – a clear introduction to Colombia with key places and a handy overview 

  • Extensive coverage of regions, places and experiences – regional highlights, sights and places for different types of travellers, with experiences matching different needs

  • Places to eat, drink and stay – hand-picked restaurants, cafes, bars and hotels

  • Practical info at each site – hours of operation, websites, transit tips, charges

  • Colour-coded mapping – with keys and legends listing sites categorised as highlights, eating, accommodation, shopping, drinking and nightlife  

  • Background information for connoisseurs – history, culture, art, architecture, film, books, religion, diversity

  • Essential Spanish dictionary and glossary of local terms

  • Free download of the eBook – available after purchase of the printed guidebook to Colombia 

  • Fully updated post-COVID-19

The guide provides a comprehensive and rich selection of places to see and things to do in Colombia, as well as great planning tools. It’s the perfect companion, both ahead of your trip and on the ground.

Book Details

ISBN: 9781839059964
Series: Rough Guides Main Series
Publication Date: 7/16/2024
Pages: 392
Dimensions: 129 x 198mm


This title is a part of Rough Guides Main Series

Practical travel guides series covering countries, cities and regions, with detailed factual travel tips, perfect for independent, long-stay, backpacking and budget-conscious travellers seeking comprehensive travel information and off-the-beaten track experiences

  • Extensive practical travel information including getting there, getting around, climate information, safety tips, accommodation explanations, food & drink advice and shopping essentials 

  • Curated author picks with destination highlights at the beginning of each guide

  • Ready-made itineraries covering every corner of the destination

  • Colour-coded places chapters with detailed coverage of places and sights, presented in a points-of-interest structure 

  • Extensive recommendations for accommodation, restaurants, shops and leisure activities for all budgets

  • Colour-coded detailed maps with marked-up key sights 

  • Insights on history and nature highlights  

  • Easy to use, newspaper-style layout

  • All guides published from January 2021 are printed on paper from responsible sources verified to meet FSC’s strict environmental and social standards

  • Free eBook with each printed guide published from May 2019 

Format: 129 x 198mm

Price: £14.99-£26.99 | $13.99-$34.99

Extent: 616–1208 page


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4.5 out of 5, 2 global ratings

Amazon Customer

All you need to plan your trip

Reviewed on January 02, 2020
Unknown format | Verified

Great for a pre- visit

Amazon Customer

A readable and informative guide

Reviewed on November 10, 2018
Unknown format | Verified

This 416-page book - the second printed edition of November 2018 - is an interesting and readable (the two are not always found together) guide to the attractions of this South (or possibly Central) American country, located at the junction of the Central American isthmus with South America.

Unlike many guides, this is not a glossy booklet dotted with colourful photographs to make it look superficially attractive, but a (literally) rough guide in terms of comparative paper finishes, but well-designed and presented, with readable text, useful maps, and (well-chosen) photographs only where space allows. The excellent design and layout means that you don’t need unnecessary spot illustrations to break up column after column of small-printed data.

The Contents are
P004: Introduction (Where to go, when to go, what to see, itineraries, etc.)
P022: Basics (travel, transport, accommodation, food & drink, activities, and other important stuff for visitors, such as “Culture & etiquette”)

P052: The Guide
This contains 8 chapters on the various regions and cities of Colombia
P053: Bogota
P087: North of Bogota
P131: The Caribbean coast
P197: San Andres and Providencia
P219: Medellin and the Zona Cafetera
P269: Cali and the southwest
P321: The Pacific coast
P343: Los Llanos and the Amazon

P362: Contexts (articles on history, music, religion, the natural world, etc.)
P399: Language - Spanish
P404: Index

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