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This compact, pocket-sized Rome travel guidebook is ideal for travellers on shorter trips and those trying to make the most of Rome. It’s light, easily portable and comes equipped with a pull-out map. 

This Rome guidebook covers: The Centro Storico, Campo de’ Fiori, The Ghetto and around, Piazza Venezia and the Capitoline Hill, Ancient Rome, The Tridente, Trevi and Quirinale, Monti, Termini and the Esquiline, The Caelian Hill and San Giovanni, The Aventine Hill and south, Trastevere and the Janiculum Hill, Villa Borghese and north, The Vatican.


Inside this Rome travel book you will find:


  • Curated recommendations of places – main attractions, off-the-beaten-track adventures, child-friendly family activities, chilled-out breaks in popular tourist areas 

  • Things not to miss in Rome – Villa Borghese, Roman Forum and Palatine, Piazza Navona, Colosseum, Domus Aurea, St Peter’s, Basilica of San Clemente, Vatican Museums, Capitoline Museums, Trevi Fountain, pizza, Campo de’ Fiori, Galleria Borghese, gelato, The Pantheon 

  • Ready-made itineraries samples –  created for different time frames or types of trip

  • Rome at a glance – an overview map of Rome with key areas and short descriptions of what you’ll find there

  • Day trips – extra information for those on longer breaks or wanting to venture further afield

  • Practical travel tips – information on how to get there and around, health guidance, tourist information, festivals and events, plus an A–Z directory

  • Handy language section – themed basic vocabulary for greetings, numbers and food and drink

  • Independent reviews – honest descriptions of places to eat, drink or stay, written by our expert authors

  • Accommodation – handy reference guide to a range of hotels for different budgets 

  • Pull-out map – easy to extract folded map with places to see marked

  • What’s new – a short overview of the changes in Rome in recent years for repeat travellers

  • Fully updated post-COVID-19

The guide is a perfect companion both ahead of your trip and on the ground. It gives you a distinct taste of Rome with a concise edit of all the information you’ll need.

Book Details

ISBN: 9781835291054
Series: Pocket Rough Guides
Publication Date: 7/1/2024
Pages: 192


This title is a part of Pocket Rough Guides

Pictorial, compact travel guides series to countries, cities and regions with a pull-out map and factual travel tips perfect for short trips and travellers seeking concise travel information and practical listings.

  • Concise practical travel information includes getting there, getting around, climate and safety tips, accommodation, food & drink advice and shopping essentials 

  • Things Not to Miss at the beginning of each guide

  • Colour-coded places chapters with key coverage of places and sights in points-of-interest structure

  • Recommendations for accommodation, restaurants, shops and leisure activities for all budgets

  • Pull-out detailed maps with marked-up key sights or listings

  • Printed on paper from responsible sources verified to meet FSC’s strict environmental and social standards

  • Free eBook with each purchased printed guide from May 2019

Format: 102 x 190mm

Price: £7.99-£8.99 | $12.99-$13.99

Extent: 128–208 pages


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